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UFC 245: Colby Covington targets Georges St-Pierre, Khabib Nurmagomedov and WWE after capturing UFC welterweight title (VIDEO)

Ahead of the first title tilt of his UFC career, controversial welterweight title challenger Colby Covington says he has big plans for his future, whether his future sees him stay in the UFC or not.

"There's nothing-off-limits," Covington told RT Sport at UFC 245 media day.

"We're getting locked in an Octagon in our underwear. We're going to take each other's brain cells. This is the fight business, anything to promote fights. This isn't the 'Ultimate Feelings Championship,' this is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. There's no off-limits in the fight business."

Top UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington has never been one to keep his thoughts to himself. Because of that, he's walked the line with his words on several occasions and for some, he's crossed it.

As he gets ready for his long-anticipated undisputed UFC title shot against Kamaru Usman, the former interim titleholder's feather rufflings haven't been limited to just his opponents or fellow fighters. In recent months, the Donald Trump-supporting 170-pounder has done some headbutting with his employer. So much so that UFC President Dana White even called him a "f**king idiot" publicly at a press conference once.

Because of this, it has many wondering how much more the UFC may put up with when it comes to the vocal American Top Team product and his antics. And although he feels he's been treated unfairly and lied to on multiple occasions when negotiating, Covington believes that engaging in a legal battle with the promotion wouldn't be worth the hassle.

"It depends on how much longer they keep treating me like s**t," Covington said to RT Sport at UFC 245 media day in response to long he expects to be in the UFC.

"It's been a two-way street. They treat me like s**t, I treat them like s**t. I'm still young, I'm 31 years young. I feel like I'm in my prime and I'm getting better every single day at American Top Team. And if they treat me good I'll probably be around another five, six years. But if they keep treating me how they're treating me, you'll probably see me in WWE sooner rather than later.

"The UFC have so many guys protecting them so it would be hard to win a case against them and it would just drag out and just be a multi-year type thing. It would just fizzle my whole career out. I wouldn't be in my prime anymore by the time it was over. So there's no reason to get in a p*****g match with them.

"I can still go to WWE because it's a different sport than UFC. I just can't go to another fight organization which sucks because I know other fight organizations that would pay me my worth. Multi-seven figures."

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For Covington and his character, the inspirations have admittedly come from the professional wrestling world and he's made some appearances in that field in recent years. Ultimately, he has his sights set on the WWE one day.

With three fights left on his contract including this one with Usman, what would Covington lean towards if presented with leaving for the WWE or getting a bout with all-time great, Georges St-Pierre?

"I think it depends on what kind of paycheck they're offering me for the GSP fight," he said.

"I would love to do that fight and prove that I am the greatest welterweight of all time. I've been telling people that for a long time and I truly believe that from the bottom of my heart and soul.

"And that would be an opportunity to prove it but going over to WWE and working with Vince McMahon and the people that work over there - they take care of their guys, man. They take care of their medical bills, they take care of everything. We don't have pensions, we don't have anything. I would like to be going to WWE sooner than later because they're gonna take care of me."

In regards to other possible high profile matchups for Covington also really likes the idea of a USA vs. Russia affair.

"I would love that matchup [with Khabib Nurmagomedov]," he expressed.

"There are so many different angles that that matchup has. Ali 'Abdelasleaze' [Abdelaziz], to take down his top two clients would be so awesome to sink his ship. But I don't think he wants to fight me.

"He knows that I hold the wrestling advantage and I definitely hold the striking advantage. So he's gonna look to fight lightweights like Tony Ferguson who doesn't have wrestling takedown defense and Dustin Poirier who can't stuff a takedown let alone a nosebleed. So I don't think he wants that fight.

"But he doesn't have to come up to 170, I can meet him in between because I'm not a big 170, we can meet at 165 or 160. But he'll get knocked out and exposed if he fought me."