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9 Dec, 2019 12:56

Russian Anti-Doping Agency is effective, we’ll find a way out of the crisis – RUSADA chief Yuri Ganus

Russian Anti-Doping Agency is effective, we’ll find a way out of the crisis – RUSADA chief Yuri Ganus

Russian Anti-Doping Agency chief Yuri Ganus says the fact that WADA did not recommend any restrictions on his organization shows that it is effective, vowing to “find a way out of the crisis in Russian sport.”

The World Anti-Doping Agency on Monday declared RUSADA non-compliant and banned Russia from major sporting events for four years, after data provided from a Moscow laboratory was deemed to have been tampered with.

The sanctions mean the Russian flag will not fly at the 2020 Olympics or the FIFA World Cup in 2022, as well as world championships in other sports. 

However, Russian athletes who have not been implicated in doping accusations will be free to compete as neutrals.

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RUSADA chief Ganus, who has acknowledged that data handed over to WADA was manipulated, said that despite his organization being declared non-compliant, WADA at least indicated it had faith in RUSADA's efforts moving forward.

“If you noticed, RUSADA is the only organization on which the CRC did not place any restrictions. It’s written: ‘The CRC does not recommend restricting the actions of RUSADA,’” Ganus told Sport 24.

“WADA considers our actions to be effective and productive. And we are an example of overcoming the crisis.

“We will work on finding our way out of the crisis for our sport. We will ensure the compliance of our federations and with the code and the training of our athletes.

“In May, I said that we were losing track and field athletics, but no one listened. We are working now and will continue to work effectively,” Ganus added.

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Ganus has been among the most vocal critics of doping in Russia and the alleged attempts to cover it up.

Referring to RUSADA’s ongoing operations, WADA said on Monday that its Executive Committee had agreed that “RUSADA’s work is effective in contributing to the fight against doping in Russian sport, and that it is working productively in cooperation with other Anti-Doping Organizations, including in investigations within Russia.”

It added that it agreed with recommendations “not to impose any special monitoring or supervision or takeover of RUSADA's anti-doping activities in the Four-Year Period [of the ban].”

For Russia to be declared fully compliant again, WADA said that it must continue to be satisfied that RUSADA’s independence is being respected and that there is “no improper outside interference with its operations.”