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25 Sep, 2019 15:40

Turtle power: Russian pet owner selling ‘psychic’ turtle for $46K with claim it can predict football scores

Turtle power: Russian pet owner selling ‘psychic’ turtle for $46K with claim it can predict football scores

A Russian pet owner has placed an unusual advertisement on a local sales website where he is offering his turtle for $46,000 – claiming it can accurately predict the outcomes of football matches.

Alexei from Blagoveshchensk has put two-year-old turtle Donatello – named after the Ninja Turtles character – up for sale to anyone willing to shell out a whopping 3 million rubles ($46,000).

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Alexei, who said that his family urgently needs money, assured potential purchasers that they would quickly recoup their investment through the turtle’s unique gift for predicting football results.

According to its owner, the oracle turtle makes predictions by choosing a sheet of paper with the name of a football team which will win a match.

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The mechanism is quite simple. You should write the names of football teams on a sheet of paper. The turtle will walk towards the piece of paper which holds the name of the winning side,” Alexei said, a local news site reported.

He also said that he had managed to make 100,000 rubles ($1,500) from football betting last spring using predictions of his fortune-telling pet.