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3 Jul, 2019 12:06

Distasteful or patriotic? USA's Alex Morgan blasted for 'tea drinking' celebration against England

Distasteful or patriotic? USA's Alex Morgan blasted for 'tea drinking' celebration against England

Alex Morgan's 'tea drinking' celebration against England after scoring the winning goal during Tuesday's Women's World Cup semi-final has been branded as 'distasteful' by sections of the media.

Morgan scored what proved to be the game's final goal on 31 minutes to defeat Phil Neville's England side 2-1 to advance to the World Cup Final and while the result of the game grates on the English media, the manner of Morgan's celebration has also been a source of frustration.

Moments after scoring the goal, Morgan brought her fingers to her lips to mimic the act of daintily drinking tea - a clear shot at a nation stereotyped as being avid tea-drinkers but also taken as a reference to the 'Boston Tea Party' in 1773, a political protest as the 13 colonies pushed forward for independence from the United Kingdom. The celebration came just two days before the United States' Independence Day celebrations.

As Wednesday's front page of the New York Post read, "Not since Boston dumped it in the sea has England been dissed with tea like this."

However, not everyone saw the light side of it. England international Lianne Sanderson was heavily critical of the move and spoke out against it while on commentary duties for beIN Sports.

"I think tonight I expected Alex to grab a goal, but I'm not that happy with that celebration," the Juventus forward said.

"I could be wrong but it's based upon playing against England and we love our tea in England. I'm not a tea drinker but that's what we're connected with so I think it's a little bit distasteful."

The US women's team have come in for criticism during this World Cup already, particularly for what was seen by some as unnecessary or disrespectful goal celebrations during their 13-0 trouncing of Thailand earlier in the tournament but it seems like the accusations of arrogance are beginning to stick.

"I wanted to keep it interesting," Morgan said of her celebration. "I know Megan Rapinoe has the best celebration. I had to try and step up this game.

"I feel like this team has had so much thrown at them and us. I feel like we didn't take an easy route through this tournament and 'that's the tea.'"

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