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22 Jun, 2019 21:57

'Giving him an oil check': Bizarre scenes as MMA fighter sticks toe up opponent's backside (VIDEO)

'Giving him an oil check': Bizarre scenes as MMA fighter sticks toe up opponent's backside (VIDEO)

London's own Alfie Davis experienced one of the more unique illegal shots in recent MMA history when he faced Jorge Kanella in his hometown Bellator card on Saturday.

Mixed martial arts has long cultivated a reputation as an 'anything goes' sport and that was certainly proved true on the undercard of their blockbuster event in the English capital.

Hometown favorite Alfie Davis improved his record to an impressive 12-3 with a decisive victory against his Brazilian opponent but it won't just be the victory which lives long in his memory.

Davis was on his back as Kanella stood over him, reigning in kicks and then, in his own words: "In this position, I was wasting the fight. I didn't want to waste the fight. So I'm sitting there saying, 'Come on, let's go. What's happening?' and I see his face change.

"I said to him, 'What are you being a p*ssy for?'. I don't even know if he understood me and he went *BOOM*, right in my balls. It was the bum, right at the bottom of the balls

"I think it was a correct foul," Davis continued. "It's just unfortunate but it's a fight, I understand we're in there to try and kill each other. He was p*ssed off at that moment but, yeah, respect to him."

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