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29 May, 2019 18:22

Pitch imperfect: White Sox employee hits cameraman with hilariously awful ceremonial pitch (VIDEO)

Pitch imperfect: White Sox employee hits cameraman with hilariously awful ceremonial pitch (VIDEO)

A Chicago White Sox employee was awarded the honor of throwing in the first pitch in a recent MLB game but but all didn't quite go as planned, as her throw connected squarely with the cameraman tasked with recording the moment.

The temporary pitcher found herself on the mound as a reward for being named as Employee of the Month for the Major League Baseball side, though any excellence she displays behind the scenes clearly wasn't evident on the field as her pitch screwed to the left and hit a nearby photographer.

The woman - who wasn't named by White Sox management - threw her hands to her face when she realized her errant throw appeared to directly strike the photographer's camera, before running towards White Sox pitcher Evan Marshall who was the intended recipient of her throw.

Darren Georgia, the photographer in question, took to social media after the game to announce that both he and his camera were unharmed in the incident described by commentators as, "the worst first pitch in baseball history".

Georgia even uploaded a shot of her about to throw the ball at him to social media.

The White Sox employee isn't the only person to have suffered this embarrassment on the mound, with Mariah Carey, Carly Rae Jepsen and even rapper 50 Cent showing off a less-than-impressive throwing arm during (very) brief baseball careers.