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British PM Theresa May pledges Liverpool-style comeback in Brexit negotiations

British PM Theresa May pledges Liverpool-style comeback in Brexit negotiations
Theresa May has opportunistically compared her Brexit negotiations with the EU to Liverpool's efforts in coming from behind to shock European giants Barcelona with a 4-0 win at Anfield on Tuesday night.

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May, who has overseen the divisive measures aimed at withdrawing the UK from the European Union, has endured a difficult time as PM in recent months. 

Brexit, which was initially intended to occur at the end of March, has been postponed to later this year as various figures within the corridors of power at Westminster struggle to reach a consensus on what shape Brexit should take, or even if it should happen at all.

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May, however, has remained steadfast. The PM has survived leadership threats (for now), and although she has been accused of coming off second-best in increasingly frayed negotiations with European leaders, she said early Wednesday in the House of Commons that she intends to use Liverpool's Champions League heroics as inspiration for her own battle with Europe.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, poked fun at May during Wednesday's debate, saying that the PM should take note of how Liverpool - and German manager Jurgen Klopp - performed in the Champions League on Tuesday

"In view of the amazing performance of Liverpool last night, perhaps the prime minister could take some tips from Jürgen Klopp on how to get a good result in Europe," he said.

May took the baton and ran with it, explaining:

"I actually think that when we look at the Liverpool win over Barcelona last night, what it shows is that when everyone says it’s all over, that your European opposition have got you beat, the clock is ticking down, it’s time to concede defeat, actually we can still secure success if everyone comes together."

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While May has been handed some extra breathing room to get it done, the lengthy withdrawal negotiations and subsequent lack of agreement has dominated UK politics in recent months.

She has been pressed by Conservative backbenchers to outline a timetable for her departure as PM. The benches behind here were noticeably thin; a sign perhaps that her support is eroding. 

With that job set to be up for grabs later this year, there is no doubt a pocket of voters in North West England at least who may hope that Klopp himself might be on the ballot. 

For the record, the German has previously said that Brexit "makes no sense at all” - so at least his position is clear.