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27 Mar, 2019 13:03

‘I just said F*** you to him’: Nick Kyrgios makes explosive exit at Miami Open

‘I just said F*** you to him’: Nick Kyrgios makes explosive exit at Miami Open

Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios has ended his scandalous run at the Miami Open with yet another on-court meltdown, smashing two rackets and exploding at a fan and match umpire during his fourth-round clash on Tuesday.

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The temperamental player was beaten by the 11th seed Borna Coric of Croatia in three sets 6-4, 3-6, 2-6 making the crowd roar in disapproval after he staged yet another emotional on-court ‘show’ which involved verbal altercation with the umpire.

Kyrgios was leading 4-2 in the second set when Coric broke him, making a stunning comeback into the game and prompting the Aussie player to hurl his racket to the blue court. The 23-year-old picked up the racket to smash it again before flinging it to a fan who asked the player to give him the precious gift.

The Australian again exploded in anger after the match official Gianluca Moscarella penalized him on a break point for yelling “F*** you” at a spectator. The episode led to a verbal confrontation with the umpire whom Kyrgios accused of poorly controlling the match.

You've done nothing to keep the fans from yelling out," Kyrgios addressed Moscarella, who seemingly remained deaf to the player’s complaints.


After the match, Kyrgios again voiced his discontent over the umpire’s actions, insisting he failed to control fans behavior in the stands.

They paid money to see me play and they just screamed out ridiculous things, and I'm just not going to take it anymore,” the player said.

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I played for two hours and 20 minutes, and the guy yells at me: 'Play some tennis!’ I'm not going to take it, so I just said 'F you' to him,” he added.

Earlier, Kyrgios was embroiled in a bitter squabble with a fan prompting Miami Open security staff members to escort him out of the court. He also lashed out at the chair umpire officiating at his pairs match, calling him “absolute f***ing disgrace” to tennis.