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Conor McGregor still wants Khabib rematch, says teammate Artem Lobov (VIDEO)

Irish MMA superstar Conor McGregor will stop at nothing to get a rematch and make amends for his comprehensive defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov, says a friend and sparring partner of the former UFC lightweight champ, Artem Lobov.

Speaking to RT Sport about the rivalry between McGregor and Nurmagomedov, Lobov says he believes his friend will do everything in his power to meet the Russian in the cage one more time.  

“Any fighter, if you ever you lose a fight you always want to get it back, always,” he explained.

“Conor is one of the most competitive people I know on this planet. So he’d certainly want that rematch.”

Conor McGregor still wants Khabib rematch, says teammate Artem Lobov (VIDEO)

And despite the lop-sided nature of the first contest, which saw Nurmagomedov drop McGregor in the third round before going on to submit him in the fourth, Lobov said The Notorious was capable of making the necessary changes to his game plan in order to defeat the Russian in a rematch.

“Certainly some things need to be adjusted, but he did a lot of good things in that fight as well,” said Lobov.

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“If you look at the third round, Khabib was unable to secure a takedown, so clearly the things that we have worked on in training and preparation for the fight had been working.

“Certainly, small adjustments still need to be made, but I think it’s a very winnable fight for Conor.”

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