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3 Mar, 2019 16:47

'I just fell in love': Russian woman wins internet & UFC star plaudits with one-punch KO (VIDEO)

'I just fell in love': Russian woman wins internet & UFC star plaudits with one-punch KO (VIDEO)

A Russian shopkeeper has won the hearts online and even plaudits from UFC star Darren Till after a video of her stunning one-punch KO of a bully in a shop went viral.

In the CCTV video, shot in 2016 in an unnamed Russian city, a man in the queue can be seen repeatedly ramming the head of another man, apparently drunk, into a refrigerator. 

While onlookers do little to help the victim, the woman becomes severely agitated, making her way from behind the till to the man and smacking him in the face, halting his attack.


After stunning the assailant, the woman becomes embroiled in a shouting match in Russian with the belligerent bully, and after suffering a verbal volley, the sharp shop worker launches a shot over the top, sending the man sprawling to the floor.

As bystanders look shocked at the man laying prone on the shop floor and struggling to make it to his feet, the woman simply coolly walks away and back to her work spot having conquered the unpleasant troublemaker. The victim makes his way around to shake the hand of his savior.

The footage, which recently went viral, caught the attention of mixed martial artist Till, who has a record of 17-1-1 in professional MMA and is ranked number 3 in the official UFC welterweight rankings, posted the video with the comment "Play with feathers get ye arse tickled".

In the comment section under Till's post, users couldn't wait to express their love for the woman for standing her ground, with comments accompanied by Russian tricolor emojis.

"I think I just fell in love," one wrote, "Welcome to Russia," said another, while another Instagram user went with the more predictable "From Russia with love".

One linguist commented that a woman could be heard shouting "Let's drink for this!" in the background.

The question remains as to whether Till will recruit her for his next training camp. 

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