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25 Feb, 2019 14:52

Ja Rule jinx: Rapper puts '30-year curse' on NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves after social media jibes

Ja Rule jinx: Rapper puts '30-year curse' on NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves after social media jibes

Rapper Ja Rule referred to himself as "The GOD" and tweeted a curse on the Minnesota Timberwolves after the team's social media account mocked him following his halftime performance at one of their games.

The rapper, who found fame in the early 2000s and appeared in movies including 'The Fast And The Furious,' performed during halftime of the Milwaukee Bucks' 140-238 win over the Timberwolves on Saturday.

He experienced some technical difficulties early on when his music failed to kick in. "Are we ready?" he said, followed by: "I guess not."

And when his performance did eventually begin, he didn't hold the attention of everyone in the arena, as Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo took to the court to take some practice shots ahead of the second half.

The scenes prompted widespread mockery online, including from the Timberwolves' Twitter account.

They threw some social media shade at the rapper, who has also been ridiculed and criticized for his role in the failed Fyre Festival.

The "luxury music festival" founded by Fyre Media CEO Billy McFarland and Ja Rule, was due to take place on Bahamian island of Great Exuma in the spring of 2017. But a plethora of issues throughout the event meant the festival was widely criticized.

Ja Rule shrugged off the criticism of his halftime performance, tweeting that he "rocked" the court and thanked the Milwaukee fans for their support.

Then he turned his attention to the Timberwolves' online jibe, replying with the suggestion that the franchise would now be cursed for the next 30 years and said star Karl-Anthony Towns would leave the team.

"You just jinx yourself talking to the GOD this way..." he tweeted.

"Your CURSED NOW!!! You won't win a championship for the next 30 years... AND KAT IS LEAVING!!! Apologize and I'll lift the CURSE!!! Kiss of death..."

The Timberwolves are next in NBA action against the Sacramento Kings on Monday night. We'll soon find out whether that "curse" holds or not.