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‘I hope it wasn’t indecent’: Stepanova reveals more about racy figure skating outfit

‘I hope it wasn’t indecent’: Stepanova reveals more about racy figure skating outfit
Russian figure-skater Alexandra Stepanova says she hopes her recent exhibition performance at the European Championship wasn’t “indecent,” after her figure-hugging black suit caused a stir on social media.

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Stepanova, who is teamed up with Ivan Bukin, stole the show at the exhibition gala in Minsk, delivering a romantic routine to the music of a tune by famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva.

However, it was not the love-themed dance which caught fans’ attention, but rather Stepanova’s tight-fitting jumpsuit which glittered under the lights, revealing a little more than the skater had intended.


Stepanova’s saucy suit set pulses racing on social media, with some users claiming that the see-through costume gave the impression that the skater was performing half-naked.

We wanted this outfit to be sexual and erotic and a little bit provocative,” Bukin was quoted as saying by Sovetsky Sport.


I do hope that the outfit didn’t look indecent,” Stepanova added. “We will watch the video of our performance later.

Just we don’t have an opportunity to check how our outfits will look like under the lights of a skating arena. We only see them under normal light.


Maybe we will change something, but if everything looked great, no amendments will be made,” the 23-year-old added.

Stepanova and Bukin earned silver at the continental tournament in Minsk, finishing behind Olympic runners-up Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France.