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Who ya gonna call? Moscow man 'being stalked by ghost of ex-Arsenal ace Arshavin'

Who ya gonna call? Moscow man 'being stalked by ghost of ex-Arsenal ace Arshavin'
A football fan has appealed to police after claiming that a spectre resembling the now retired 75-times capped Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin has been appearing in his apartment, often stealing his money, according to reports.

Arshavin is, of course, still alive but his presence in the mortal realm apparently hasn't hindered his ability to navigate the supernatural world, according to an unnamed local just outside the Russian capital, who issued the complaint to local police, according to REN TV.

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He alleges that a ghost "closely resembling [Arshavin] passes through his walls", said a report on the broadcaster on Tuesday.


The alleged ghostly sightings take place north of Moscow in the town of Lobnya, where the accuser maintains that the Arshavin doppelganger sometimes attacks him in addition to stealing his money, before presumably making his exit through the walls from where he came.


Arshavin, the former Zenit and Arsenal player, announced his retirement in December of last year after a two-year spell in the Kazakh Premier League, where he scored 30 goals in 108 appearances for FC Kairat.

He has yet to comment on the allegations that he has transitioned into supernatural robberies after the end of his football career.

Despite the somewhat bizarre nature of the allegations, the fact that a complaint was reportedly made to police means that they are obliged to investigate the matter - but exactly what they can do to combat other-worldly home invasions remains to be seen.