Olympiacos & Nott’s Forest owner denies drug-trafficking charges, calls act a ‘dirty plan’

Olympiacos & Nott’s Forest owner denies drug-trafficking charges, calls act a ‘dirty plan’
Greek shipping magnate and owner of two football clubs, Vangelis Marinakis, has strongly denied allegations of drug trafficking. A number of preliminary charges were brought against him by a Greek prosecutor on Friday.

The Nottingham Forest and Olympiacos FC owner was charged with financing and storing drugs as well as setting up a criminal organization to traffic and sell drugs, Reuters reports, citing a judiciary source.

The allegations relate to the 2014 seizure of a tanker carrying a record 2.1 tonnes of heroin in the Athens port of Piraeus. Marinakis, who also owns Greek daily newspaper Ta Nea, has strongly refuted the allegations, both in statements released on the Olympiacos FC website and in a Ta Nea column published on Saturday.

“The recent judicial action is a deliberate attempt at character assassination,” Marinakis wrote in Ta Nea. “The allegations are fabricated and without any foundation in law or fact. It is a deliberate plot that has long been in the making and as such it is not only offensive, but quite simply criminal.”

“I have never had anything to do with the acts for which an investigative inquiry is to be conducted, the result of which I am absolutely certain to be the confirmation of my innocence,” he added.

“I will not compromise, I will not capitulate, nor will I succumb to their dirty plan,” he said, seemingly in reference to the country’s leftist-led government. Further to the drug trafficking charges, Marinakis is facing trial for alleged match-fixing in Greece, an allegation he also denies.

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