Brazil international goalkeeper carjacked at gunpoint in Rio (VIDEO)

Brazil international goalkeeper carjacked at gunpoint in Rio (VIDEO)
This is the moment armed robbers forced Brazilian international goalkeeper Jefferson from his vehicle during a carjacking on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Jefferson, who has won 22 caps for his national side, was driving his Range Rover to training at club team Botafogo – a 23-minute drive from Rio – on Sunday morning when a car pulled up alongside him just before a junction.

Suddenly a gun-wielding group emerged from the car, one aiming his weapon at the driver’s seat, while another ran around the back of the vehicle.

The footage, recorded on CCTV, shows the thugs forcing Jefferson from the car to kneel by the side of the road with his hands behind his head, before speeding off in the 4x4.

According to local media, police recovered the Range Rover during a raid late on Sunday night, the Sun reported.

After the event, Jefferson wrote on social media: "I've sadly become another victim of the violence that ravages our city.

"I was on my way to training with Botafogo when I was overpowered by armed men who intended to steal my car and my belongings.

"God gave me the calmness to deal with the dangerous situation, and thanks to Him I did not suffer any violence."

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