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Rostov fans unfurl banner at Man Utd game inviting British supporters to World Cup

FC Rostov supporters unfurled a large banner cordially inviting British football fans to visit the Russia 2018 World Cup during their Europa League match against English Premier League team Manchester United on Thursday.

Rostov’s traveling support revealed the banner in the away end of Old Trafford, which read: “Keep calm and come to the World Cup 2018” in white letters on a red background – the colors of Manchester United.

During the first leg of the series in Rostov, the home fans greeted United supporters with a warm welcome gift – red blankets with the message ‘Gentlefan Russian Warm Welcome.’

“What they did, the gesture for United fans going out there was fantastic,” a local fan said to Ruptly.

“United repaying the favor is even just as good. It goes to show that there’s no history between the two clubs – mutual respect and it’s good to see it. It should happen more often. Even in the UK it should happen more often, even in the UK.”

Reciprocating the gesture, United fans issued complimentary travel guides to fans that had travelled to Manchester from Russia to help them navigate their way around the city.

United manager Jose Mourinho also personally gave Rostov manager Kurban Berdyev an undisclosed gift before the match.

The two first met when Mourinho’s Inter Milan side played Rubin Kazan in the 2009/10 Champions League, on their way to winning the tournament.