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Russian schoolgirl stamps on opponent’s head in handball nationals match (VIDEO)

This is the shocking moment a schoolgirl player stamped on a fallen opponent’s head during a handball nationals match in Russia.

The grim incident happened during an under-16 match contested by Moscow and Rostov teams, in blue and red uniforms respectively, in the city of Volgograd, southern Russia.

Video footage taken courtside shows the ball being played through to Moscow forward Alexandra Pustokhina, who is being tightly marked by Rostov defender Kristina Kotolup.

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As Pustokhina goes to shoot on goal, Kotolup fouls and brings her opponent crashing to the floor, causing her to let out a loud squeal.

Standing over the fallen player, the furious defender then stamps on her head in a clearly premeditated move, drawing gasps of shock from the crowd and leaving Pustokhina wailing and rolling around in agony.

Alarmingly, the player calmly walks off the court and sits down on the bench after committing the senseless stamp.

The match official then rushes over to justly show Kotolup a red card. She is then forced to leave the bench and the area where the game is taking place.

The injured Pustokhina is eventually helped to her feet and escorted off the court, and the game is restarted with a penalty to the Moscow team.

Following the incident Kotolup was disqualified from taking part in upcoming matches by the Handball Federation of Russia (HFR). The HFR has also launched an investigation, with the possibility of imposing further sanctions on the player.