Lucky is as lucky does! Dog has incredible near miss on racetrack (VIDEO)

© KingBang Channel
“Lucky” is a common name for man’s best friend, but this fortunate canine in Bolivia definitely deserves that moniker after an amazing near miss when a car flew over its head at a racetrack.

In the squirm-inducing video, filmed by a racing fan at the side of a dirt track, the four-legged creature is seen casually strolling along the middle of the road.

All seems well until a car suddenly comes hurtling around the corner, forcing the dog into a panic.

As the vehicle nears, the dog’s pace quickens into a run as it desperately tries to escape the onrushing speedster. But the car is simply too fast for the animal to outrun it, and the driver is powerless to avoid hitting the pooch.

A devastating collision looks imminent when, at the last second, the car hits a ramp in the race track and becomes airborne, missing the dog by inches before landing back on the road and continuing the race.

Remarkably, the dog, driver, and person filming the scene all escaped unharmed.

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