Russian fencing team shaves coach’s head clean after scoring 7 medals in Rio (VIDEO)

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Russian fencing champions Yana Egoryan and Timur Safin made sure their coach Ilgar Mamedov honored his promise, and shaved him bald after the team took two gold medals more than needed for the two to win their bet.

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Mamedov promised to go bald should the athletes bring home at least two golds. The Russian team has clinched four gold, one silver, and two bronze medals.

Humorous footage made it to everyone’s TV sets and computer screens as the press and attendees stood by filming the spectacle of a happy Safin shaving Mamedov’s head clean. The Team Russia coach also joked that they might have to do a repeat job.

“And I’m supposed to come back to the Olympic village with these monsters,” he said jovially. “We’ve got seven medals. And these goons did a real number on my head. I’m going to check the results in the mirror once we’re back – they’ll have to redo it if I’m not satisfied.”

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