Smashing 11 basketball Guinness World Records in 2 days (VIDEO)

Smashing 11 basketball Guinness World Records in 2 days (VIDEO)
Five friends from Frisco, Texas, known as Dude Perfect smashed 11 Guinness World Records while filming a video for their YouTube channel.

The list of records includes the Greatest height from which a basketball is shot and now stands at 533ft (162.45m). The shot was performed from Cotter Ranch Tower in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and bettered the previous record – Australian Brett Standord's 415ft (126.5m) – by a remarkable 118ft (35.95m). 

Check out the 10 additional records broken by the five friends.

Farthest trampette basketball shot performing a forward flip - 72ft (21.95m). 

Farthest basketball hook shot - 70ft (21.34m).

Farthest basketball shot made with the head - 37ft 1.5in (11.32m). 

Farthest basketball bounce shot - 91ft 2in (27.79m).

Most basketball free throws in one minute by a pair - 35 shots. 

Farthest basketball shot made while sitting on the court - 55ft 1in (16.79m).

Farthest behind-the-back basketball shot - 35ft 10in (10.92m). 

Longest basketball shot blindfolded - 71ft (21.64m).

Most basketball three-pointers made by a pair in one minute - 19 shots.  

Farthest blindfolded basketball hook shot - 55ft (16.76m).