Riot police intervene as Spurs & Arsenal fans clash at White Hart Lane (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Police and fans clash outside the ground before the match. © Dylan Martinez
Riot police were called to White Hart Lane Saturday as rival fans from two of London’s major soccer clubs clashed outside the stadium.

The fight started ahead of the North London derby between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, and mounted riot police were called to the scene to separate supporters.

Photos show one fan bleeding from head injuries as others scuffle or are pushed to the ground during the skirmish.

Police and a fan with a head injury outside the ground before the match Reuters. © Dylan Martinez


Video recorded from the scene shows a mounted police officer using a baton to disperse the crowd as the surrounding fans continue to chant.

The fans’ behavior has been poorly received on Twitter, with social media users branding images from the fight “disturbing” and "shameful".

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