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Germany post-Merkel and Britain post-riots (E403)

It’s “auf wiedersehen, pet” to Angela Merkel as her era comes to an end after an extraordinary reign. She has seen come and go five British prime ministers and four American presidents, with four election victories, and she now leaves the world stage – if not to a standing ovation, then at least to a very polite round of applause. She has stabilized Germany, largely keeping out of international confrontations, welcoming a huge flow of refugees, and has kept the country as the economic powerhouse within the EU. So, what next for Germany and for the woman they call Mutti? We invited on Peter Oliver, RT’s Europe correspondent based in Berlin, to ask him this and other questions.

Ten years ago, Britain was in flames, with scenes reminiscent of the Blitz. Communities began to break apart during the countrywide riots of 2011. In Birmingham, Asian people gathered outside their mosques and businesses to protect them from marauding rioters. One of them was Haroon Tariq Jahan who, along with two friends, was callously mown down and killed by a car that drove into a crowd standing on the side of the road. His father was seen at the time across our screens trying to calm the situation: “If you want your sons to die, carry on rioting; if you don’t want your sons to die calm down and go back home.” In the decade since, the Haroon Tariq Jahan Foundation was born and now does very important work helping others, both here and abroad. Tariq Jahan joined Sputnik to tell us what he was able to rescue from the ashes of those terrible fires.

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