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24 Sep, 2021 02:42

France to Australia: Pay up! You owe $66 B for subs (Full show)

France is demanding $66 billion from a reluctant Australia, the agreed-upon price for the 12 nuclear submarines it intended to sell the Australians before the US and UK stepped in with a better offer. France is planning to increase its military budget by $2 billion each year, and is one of the world’s foremost exporters of military equipment. Then Karen Kwiatkowski, former US Air Force lieutenant colonel, weighs in on the repercussions for NATO and the “competition for credibility” between member states.

Border Patrol agents on horseback were caught on widely-seen video beating back desperate Haitian immigrants at the southern edge of the US. The optics were repulsive and the agents’ actions denounced as cruel and racist. The backlash was so intense that it led to the cessation of horseback patrols at the border. Meanwhile, thousands of undocumented Haitian migrants may be relocated to the infamous Guantanamo Detention Center, the fortress prison on a US military base in Cuba that the Biden administration had said it intended to close. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the details. Then Dr. Ajamu Baraka of the United National Antiwar Coalition shares his insights.

Rick Sanchez breaks the emerging details of Thursday’s mass shooting at a Kroger grocery store near Memphis, Tennessee. The gunman shot at least 12 people before fatally shooting himself.

A CIA official who traveled to India in September has found himself afflicted with “Havana Syndrome,” a mysterious condition involving headaches, vertigo, insomnia, minor vision and hearing loss and fever. However, a government study concluded that the US diplomats in Cuba were not victims of an ultra-sophisticated weapon wielded by dastardly adversaries, but of the ceaseless noise of the Cuban crickets outside their window. RT America’s Faran Fronczak reports. Then comedian Lee Camp shares his take.