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23 Sep, 2021 00:54

US sides with UK, France out — is NATO unraveling? (Full show)

Relations between France and the United States remain considerably cold, even as President Biden acknowledges that the US ought to have been more transparent with France concerning its nuclear submarine deal with the UK and Australia. The deal superseded an earlier agreement Australia had negotiated with France and thereby deprived the latter of the billions of dollars the deal would have yielded. RT America’s Caleb Maupin reports the latest developments in the transatlantic beef between Presidents Biden and Macron. Then RT America's Alex Mihailovich takes a look at times past when France and the US saw a comparably chilly relationship before former Pentagon official Michael Maloof shares his analysis of the rift between France and the US and whether it will prove the unraveling of NATO.

RT America's Mollye Barrows examines the explosive violence rocking Australia when police used rubber bullets and pepper spray to stem the mass anti-lockdown protests sweeping the country. The demonstrators shut down a major bridge and destroyed police property. Several officers and a journalist were injured, and at least 60 have been arrested.

Plus, formidable forensic software has been adopted by police departments. “ShadowDragon,” the tech company that developed it, says it can condense the investigative work of months into mere seconds, scouring social media, the dark web and beyond to probe a target's online footprint. The targeted person needn't even know it's happening and there's no warrant needed. RT America’s Faran Fronczak joins to discuss the ominous development. Then John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute shares his insights.