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9 Oct, 2021 08:57

The march to fascism, Facebook as a world superpower, the CIA black site in Poland

Lee Camp examines how two recent stories show the US is on the road to fascism. Recent reporting from Yahoo! News confirmed a story published by The Grayzone over a year ago that the CIA had made plans to assassinate Julian Assange. The corporate media ignored the story until it was reported, with multiple factual errors, from a friendly source. The second story is the sentencing of human rights lawyer Steven Donziger through a corrupt judge connected to executives from Chevron Oil with a vendetta against him. The US is run by sociopaths working in the interests of big business, and it's illustrated well by both of these stories. Camp also brings you the revelations from – and the hidden truth about – the Pandora Papers, and an update from the Catholic Church's pedophilia scandal.

With Facebook's six-hour blackout front-and-center in the news, Anders Lee reports on the social media giant's growing power. The corporation is mixed up in several scandals where it stands accused of breaching the privacy of people not on its platforms, encouraging disinformation, and pushing more internet regulation to benefit its monopoly powers. The social media giant's influence on the world impacts all of us. Jaffer Khan exposes a US secret torture site in Poland. Abu Zubaydah was caught up in the US' post-9/11 crime spree and he's still locked up, despite never having been charged with a crime. Now he might be able to bring his torturers to court in a case that would force the government to admit its illegal black site. Unfortunately, government lawyers have several tactics for avoiding accountability, and they'll probably work.

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