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25 Sep, 2021 09:44

US sacrificed us to this pandemic, CBP whips Haitian asylum-seekers, the timeshare scam revamped

During the course of the Covid pandemic, the failures of the US government have caused massive death and misery. But it isn’t all the fault of the government. The corporate media did their own work lying to us about what was happening. Big Pharma also played a role in misleading the American people. But it’s undeniable that the ruling class were fine making decisions that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths. Lee Camp also covers liberal inaction in the face of accelerating climate change, and more lies and corruption coming from Wikipedia.

Jaffer Khan reports on the situation this week at the US-Mexico border, which saw Border Patrol photographed whipping Haitian asylum-seekers from horseback. The Haitian people still face serious obstacles to their legally guaranteed right to seek asylum despite the Democrats being in power now. The Biden administration just can’t help but show the world that there is barely any difference between it and Trump’s government. Naomi Karavani takes on a new startup building on an old scam. Pacaso’s business model is no different to a timeshare, no matter what their PR office says.

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