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24 Sep, 2021 06:22

Congress facing debt ceiling shutdown & governments flocking to the fintech sector?

As a government shutdown deadline looms in the United States, will Congress be able to agree on suspending the nation’s debt ceiling? We discuss the potential fallout from a government shutdown and the state of negotiations with Michele Schneider of the Market Gauge Group. Then we take another look at the ongoing China Evergrande Group saga as a top investor in the indebted real-estate giant has begun to dump its shares in the company. Boom Bust’s Christy Ai offers her perspective on what has been dubbed “China’s potential Lehman” and what efforts, if any, the Chinese government is taking to ease market pressures. And after years of criticism, could we soon see the US government wade into the fintech industry? Boom Bust’s Ben Swann and Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute analyze and discuss the proposals being floated.

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