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28 Aug, 2021 05:52

The real winner from the Afghanistan war, record breaking heat, Nabisco on strike

The occupation of Afghanistan was an outrageous attack on human rights from the beginning and now the corporate media are outraged that the US is leaving after two decades. Lee Camp highlights the many losers and the wealthy winners from the occupation. He then covers the record-breaking heat across the planet and the movements responding to it, and the US Empire’s next target for regime change. Jaffer Khan is boycotting his favorite snacks and explains why in this report on increased strike actions in the US and the corporate media’s silence. Nabisco workers across the country are on strike right now in protest of abusive working conditions. Danny DeVito created a stir last week when he had his Twitter verification stripped for tweeting in support of the abused workers. Then Anders Lee looks into the shortcomings of the Biden administration’s embrace of anti-trust regulations. Breaking up some of the mega-corporations sounds like an attractive prospect in a country that’s experiencing destabilizing inequality, but there are better options that address the problem at a fundamental level.

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