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26 Aug, 2021 13:31

Russian marine commandos able to silently drop from skies into seas with advanced new parachute designed for underwater combat

Bringing a new meaning to the term ‘skydiving’, a new parachute unveiled by Russian designers will enable troops to jump from high altitudes above the ocean, before descending deep into the waters below as part of covert missions.

On Thursday, the country’s state-owned research and development conglomerate Rostec revealed the new canopy and harness, designed for aquatic operations. According to officials, the kit will allow divers to jump from airplanes up to 8,000 meters (26,246 feet) above the ground and soar through the air at speeds of up to 350 kilometers (233 miles) an hour.

“The system allows the user to place specialist diving equipment in it and drop a frogman in full gear,” the military boffins disclosed. “The system allows the combatant to quickly and safely get rid of the parachute and start performing a combat mission underwater.”

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As well as rapidly putting marine units into battle, airdropping scuba troops offers a huge benefit for commanders looking to turn the tide of battles or standoffs near large bodies of water, and allows them to land soldiers along fortified beachfronts with minimal chance of detection.

Russia’s commando frogmen are among the most elite amphibious troops in the world, answering directly to the GRU, the country’s military intelligence headquarters. The FSB, its top domestic security agency, also maintains squads of trained divers. Specialist equipment, including underwater rifles and miniature submarines, have already been developed to support their secretive missions.

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