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6 Feb, 2021 08:00

Censoring the truth online, the GME saga, Rick Snyder getting off easy

Digital censorship is growing and it’s setting a bad precedent for the future of independent media sources that question the official narratives of the ruling class. Liberal apologists for these steps to shut down dissent are celebrating the suppression of some conservative voices. But they’ll be in for a shock when they realize that the intelligence community will save its harshest oppression for anyone who thinks that society can do better than the neoliberal capitalist order we live under. The GameStop stock saga that (briefly) scared Wall Street, and Rick Snyder getting off easy for poisoning Michiganders in Flint.

Natalie McGill looks at the corporations that pulled their money from politicians after the riots in the Capitol. These corporations had no trouble funding those same lawmakers when they were voting for endless wars, railing against Medicare For All, and knocking down stimulus money. Naomi Karavani and Camp close out the show on the security state distancing itself from Trumpism, Joe Biden reversing the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and more.

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