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5 Feb, 2021 07:34

Standing against the oligarchs with Briahna Joy Gray

Lee Camp interviews Briahna Joy Gray on this episode of VIP. She is the host of the Bad Faith podcast and the former press secretary for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential run. They discuss the fight for universal healthcare, the corporate media’s hatred for anyone working toward progress in the US, her time working with Sanders, Joe Biden’s history of standing against the interests of the public, and more. 

Naomi Karavani directs her ‘Weekly Offensive’ at the vaccine rollout in Britain. While the US is trusting the market to deliver vaccines for profit, the UK allowed their National Health Service to take charge of the public health issue. Shockingly, the UK’s vaccine distribution is going a lot better than the US’. Anders Lee looks back at that time in the 1920s when a radical bombed Wall Street. An Italian anarchist undertook the bombing as an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the banker JP Morgan. The attack was retribution for a series of anti-communist crackdowns known as the Palmer Raids, but the only casualties were bystanders.

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