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7 Feb, 2020 06:10

Venezuelan Embassy protectors trial & R. A. The Rugged Man

When the US attempted to replace the Venezuelan executive branch from across a continent, Adrian Pine and David Paul joined a group that was invited into the Venezuelan Embassy by the government of Nicolas Maduro. They held the embassy for a month despite being besieged by supporters of the coup who were bolstered by US law enforcement. Pine, Paul, and two other activists now face a trial where they aren’t allowed to bring up that they were acting on behalf of a legitimate government who the US wanted to replace. Lee discusses the trial and all of its implications for international law.

R. A. The Rugged Man is a rapper with a long career and a lot in common with Lee’s worldview – specifically, he’s critical of the superficiality of the mainstream media and the corporate world. He started his career by irritating the record labels and deciding to go his own way. Now he has found success in rap and film making. They discuss his career, his family, and the entertainment world.

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