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5 Feb, 2020 11:37

Russian armor turret STARS at Indian arms expo, watch it IN ACTION during field test

Among the advanced weapon systems on display at DefExpo India 2020 is the Russian 57-mm gun turret. Action video of the shell-spewing death machine, which can target low-flying drones, was published by the producer.

The turret, or Automatic Artillery Weapon System AU-220M as the manufacturer prefers to call it, is a remotely controlled module armed with a 57mm main gun and a 7.62mm machine gun, full of sensors, stabilizer devices and other equipment.

The developer, a research subsidiary of Uralvagonzavod, says its product will be put on Russia’s future infantry fighting vehicles and other light armor to give them a firepower boost. The test video shows a land-based use of the system. But patrol boats large enough to carry the 3.65-ton module are a viable platform too.

AU-220M’s gun can fire its entire ammo reserve of 80 shells in just one minute and has an effective range of 14.5km. And if guided projectiles are used, it can effectively take out low-flying drones and other small aircraft. Potentially the turret may be operated from afar rather than by the crew of whatever craft is armed with it.

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The system was first unveiled to an international audience in the United Arab Emirates in 2015 and is currently showcased in Lucknow, India which is hosting the five-day defense expo.

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