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6 Dec, 2019 09:17

US foreign policy: The view from Latin America with Ben Norton

Ben Norton is a journalist with the Grayzone and he sat down with Lee at the top of the show. They discuss US foreign policy relating to Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, and more. These Latin American countries are seeing their left-wing governments attacked by US-backed right-wing movements and sanctions. The story extends back into history and includes some of the same characters from the last round of US coups in Latin America such as the School of the Americas and Elliot Abrams. Norton spent several months in Venezuela reporting on the US-backed coup earlier this year.

After the break Lee and Norton continue to discuss US foreign policy and move onto bipartisan support for US imperialism from both corporate political parties. Natalie McGill finishes the show with a report on the continued push for voter suppression laws from the GOP. They are going after college students with more Voter ID laws targeted at college students in North Carolina, Iowa, and Wisconsin. These laws put obstacles in the way of young people to dissuade them from engaging in the democratic process.

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