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Resourceful Russian cops stop truck to stage Hollywood-style rescue of people from burning building (VIDEO)

An epic rescue operation was caught on video in the Moscow Region, as witty traffic cops stopped a truck so that the people who were cut off by a house fire could escape the blaze using its roof.

Two officers were on a routine patrol mission when they saw thick black smoke coming from the windows of the two-story building nearby. They swiftly called in the fire brigade as their instructions required, but the situation was dire and required immediate action.

The policemen jumped out of their patrol car and rushed towards the burning building, where they saw two men on the second floor, crying for help. A jump from the height of around four meters would not have likely been deadly for them, but could still lead to some serious injuries.

With no special tools at their disposal, the officers needed to get creative to be able to rescue the fire victims. Fortunately for them, a truck was just passing by. They stopped the vehicle and asked the driver to park it outside the window, so that the men could safely get out of the burning building, and even take some of their most valuable belongings with them.

The truck then drove away from the burning house, with people sitting on top like heroes in an action movie. The whole ordeal was indeed filmed on the dash cam inside the police car and was later published online by the Interior Ministry.

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The rescue operation wasn’t over yet, as the officers went into the building to check if any other residents remained inside. They eventually had to break one of the doors on the ground floor, where a man was sleeping, unaware of the fire.

The bravery and the wits of the traffic cops allowed all residents to safely evacuate from the blaze before the firefighters could do their job.

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