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Shredding the Washington Post, child healthcare pillaged, public banking in California

Lee tears apart several headlines from the Washington Post, on issues such as electoral victories for the DNC (the other corporate party) and alarms about climate change from a newspaper that’s in the hands of the fossil fuel industry. Natalie McGill reports on the recent revelation that the Children's Health Insurance Program, aka CHIP, is dropping coverage for children at every opportunity. Now more than a million children in the US aren’t covered by medicaid or CHIP. Nothing demonstrates a successful society like children without access to medical care.

In the second half of the show Lee interviews Trinity Tran, the co-founder of Public Bank LA. The civic organization recently got a statewide bill signed that allows Californian cities to create their own public banks. Public banking is a threat to one of the US’s largest industries, the big banks. Municipal banks threaten private banks because they directly compete with the for-profit institutions for personal banking and business loans. Tran and her colleagues used grassroots organizing to push a revolutionary policy and won a victory that terrifies the financial industry.

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