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15 Jun, 2019 08:41

Anti-North Korea propaganda, torturing Assange, & West Virginian teachers under attack

Lee opens this show with a look at the Western media’s fetish for anti-North Korea propaganda. News outlets have a tendency to report that Pyongyang has executed various officials in barbaric ways. They’ll say someone was eaten by dogs, shot with an anti-aircraft cannon, or worse. Then that person will show up on TV, unexecuted and alive. This demonization does nothing to make the world safer and more peaceful. From the news, Lee reports on sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts, an Ecuadorian tribe who defeated big oil in court, and UN officials say that Julian Assange’s treatment amounts to torture.

In the second half of the show, Natalie McGill sits down with Lee to discuss how West Virginia is trying to disarm their teachers. They’ve criminalized teacher strikes. West Virginian educators went on strike last year and won a small pay rise, so no wonder they want to stop them from taking any impactful industrial action. Naomi Karavani finishes the show by reporting on the American Medical Association’s decision to oppose Medicare-for-all policies. Universal healthcare would take away income for many American medical professionals.

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