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12 Jun, 2019 08:59

Neoliberalism & death: 2 years since the Grenfell Tower tragedy (E758)

Two years after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, we speak to a Grenfell activist and member of a council that scrutinizes the government and local council policy, Joe Delaney, on the government’s inadequate response to the tragedy, racist comments made about the area, an attitude of “get over it,” and Theresa May’s alleged inhumanity over Grenfell. Next, we speak to Pat Mason on the rehousing situation of Grenfell victims, inadequate government relief policy on Grenfell Tower, and Mike Pompeo threatening to intervene in UK politics to stop Jeremy Corbyn from becoming prime minister. We speak to Morya Samuel, co-founder of Justice4Grenfell, about fire safety not being taken seriously before and after the tragedy and whether justice can be achieved. Finally, Lowkey plays us out with his tribute song, Ghosts of Grenfell.

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Reis Morris, 29 (5.5.89) of Waynflete Square, W10 was sentenced at Hendon Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 31 May after pleading guilty to using threatening words with intent to cause fear of violence.

The incident happened on Tuesday, 9 April at in Grenfell Road, W11.

A previous six-week suspended sentence for an unrelated matter was invoked. Morris was jailed for another two weeks for this incident and also ordered to pay £100 prosecutions costs, £150 victim surcharge, and £100 compensation.

Evidence from the prosecution and mitigation from the defence was heard in court and taken into account by magistrates who imposed the sentence.

The matter was investigated by the Met’s Central West Command Unit.

As with any case the Met gathers evidence once a crime has been reported and presents it to the Crown Prosecution Service who make decisions on charges. 

Re interviews under caution: 

There was no announcement; we responded to questions from the media about the progress of the police investigation as we approach the second anniversary. The MPS is politically neutral and independent of any parties involved or who have an interest in Grenfell Tower. The police investigation continues without fear or favour.



  • Decisions on investigating incidents and charging are made by the police; decisions on prosecutions are taken by the CPS; and decisions on sentencing and, in a magistrates court, on guilt are made by judges. 
  • These decisions are made independently of Government on the basis of all the existing rules, expertise and experience available to these agencies and to judges, and with the benefit of the full facts about an individual case.