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16 Feb, 2019 07:31

DNC censors AIPAC's critics, US arms Venezuelan rebels, & profiting from the poor

This week, Lee goes after the politicians and media pundits who demanded that Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar apologize for tweeting about the power that AIPAC holds over legislators in the US. The DNC forced her to apologize for her completely accurate comments about the pro-Israel lobby group by claiming they were anti-Semitic. These attacks on the politicians who comment on the power of special interests in Congress are a staple of politics in the US. Some of the stories covered in the next segment include the continual stream of sexual abuse stories coming out of various churches, and the North Carolinian airline that delivered dozens of shipments of arms to the opposition in Venezuela was also central to a similar operation in Nicaragua in the '80s.

In the second half of the show, Natalie McGill and Lee discuss the company making billions from states that add work requirements to their social safety net programs. They create bureaucratic red tape that ultimately renders poorer Americans ineligible for the very benefits that keep them from sliding further into poverty. And Naomi Karavani delves into how journalists reporting from the Mexico-US border are being harassed by US Border Patrol and Mexican authorities. They are being accused of assisting the refugees and immigrants to escape the chaotic situations in their home countries.

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