Congressional ignorance on Venezuela, trees for the climate, & NSA agents working for the UAE

Lee opens the show this week with a continuation of his coverage of the coup in Venezuela. This time he focuses on the response from Congress which, it turns out, knows very little about what is happening there. Max Blumenthal, an RT contributor and the editor of the Grayzone Project, visited Congress last week to find out whether members consider US support for Juan Guaido to constitute ‘meddling’ in Venezuelan politics. US President Donald Trump’s schedule was leaked, and it turns out he spends a significant portion of his day in ‘executive time’ – whatever that means. Lee also covers a story from India where in one day 1.5 million people planted over 60 million trees. Inspired by this, Lee has a suggestion for you.

In the second half of the show, Naomi Karavani dives into a story from the Chicago Police Department about implicit bias training designed to decrease violence against minorities. However, the people providing the training have been accused of misconduct. Then, John F. O’Donnell shows you where NSA agents go after they leave the surveillance organization. The United Arab Emirates has been hiring them, and it turns out that sometimes they end up spying on US citizens.

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