Yes to peace w/ David Swanson

To kick off the show this week, Lee talks to peace activist David Swanson. Swanson is helping to organize the “No to NATO, Yes to Peace Fest” in Washington, DC, which is being planned for this April. He argues that NATO is a tool of Western imperialism. They also discuss militarism around the world with Trump, Russia, Venezuela, and the $21 trillion in unaccounted spending by the Pentagon.

In the second half of the episode, Lee tears apart the argument that the US’ interference in Venezuelan politics is about liberating the Venezuelan people from a tyrannical government. To make the argument, he looks at the history of US interference in foreign countries including Colombia and Libya. In all of these cases, the US was pursuing power and resources. Venezuela has the largest petroleum reserves in the world, and US officials have openly admitted that they have their eyes on those resources.

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