News Thing

  • Best of the worst
    Sam is on holiday, so time to look back on some of the best bits of the last months, including the worst election campaign of all time.
  • News Thing
    With a flimsy grasp of the facts, but an iron grip on the chat, News Thing brings you the news that matters and the opinions that don’t. Hosted by journalist and author Sam Delaney, each weekly episode features a panel of top comedians, a clever political guest dragged kicking and screaming from their proper job and a load of other stuff to keep you abreast of all the big issues. You probably think we’re the kind of satirical show that takes a “sideways” look at the news, but you’re wrong. News Thing looks the news dead in the face, pulls its trousers down, and makes fun of its underpants in front of the whole playground.
  • Best of the worst
    Best of the worst
    Sam is on holiday, so time to look back on some of the best bits of the last months, including the worst election campaign of all time.
  • Grenfell
    Sam looks at the political culture that led to the fire in Grenfell Tower, and asks how long Theresa May can cling on to power. And American soul legend Alexander O'Neal drops in to share his thoughts on Donald Trump. With Zoe Lyons, Michael Legge,...
  • Live election special
    Live election special
    Sam explains why the election results prove Jeremy Corbyn should be the next prime minister and Ken Livingstone explains where it all went right. With Susie Boniface, Geoff Norcott and David Mills.
  • On the road election special
    On the road election special
    News Thing goes on the road as Sam takes the temperature of the nation by talking to pollsters, activists, and the fabled ‘ordinary hard-working people’. We also explain how to vote and what a member of the public is. Featuring Bob...
  • Best James Bond ever
    Best James Bond ever
    Sam says farewell to the best James Bond – and man – of all time: Roger Moore. Plus, Manchester icon Shaun Ryder shares his thoughts on the attack on his city. With Felicity Ward and Geoff Norcott.
  • Delaney's Dojo
    Delaney's Dojo
    Sam teaches former UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe how to fight, and the panel tries to clear up Piers Morgan’s transgender confusion. With Germaine Greer, Iain Lee and Joel Williams.
  • Avocado Special
    Avocado Special
    Sam looks at the phenomenon of ‘avocado hand’ with the help of Antony Worrall Thompson and Wayne ‘Piegate’ Shaw. We also talk about the election or something. With Andrew Pierce, Fern Brady and Marek Larwood.
  • Let’s Ave It!
    Let’s Ave It!
    Sam confronts the general election with all the vigour and zeal that OFCOM regulations will allow – we test Lord John Bird’s knowledge of his more eccentric peers, and the panel looks back on Prince Philip’s long and glittering and...
  • Screw it, vote for Corbyn
    Screw it, vote for Corbyn
    Sam has an epiphany about Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump adviser Dr Jan Halper-Hayes defends the president’s first 100 days in power, and we look back on an episode of News Thing from 1963. With Karen Danczuk, Janey Godley and Bobby Mair.
  • Theresa's Big News
    Theresa's Big News
    Sam considers whether anyone wants another general election, Nigel Evans reacts to Tim Farron's stance on gay sex, and Bobby Mair prepares for a nuclear apocalypse. With Iain Lee, Zoe Lyons and Geoff Norcott.