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22 Nov, 2021 06:30

Peter Capaldi SLAMS Boris Johnson on climate change & is Bosnia-Herzegovina about to split? (E1079)

On this episode, we speak to Oscar-winning actor Peter Capaldi. He discusses the COP26 climate summit and why it was largely a PR event and a disappointment; launches a scathing attack on Boris Johnson’s government on the lack of trust and its record on climate change, including plans for more fossil fuel extraction in the UK; why the fight against the climate crisis means so much to him, and more. Next, we speak to Ambassador Wolfgang Petritsch, the former high representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-2002) about the current crisis in Bosnia which could see the potential breakup of the country. He discusses why the Croats and Serbs are threatening to boycott the Bosnian elections next year; the background of the ethnic tensions; the controversial legacy of the Dayton Accords in setting the stage for the current crisis both ethnically and economically; the perception in the West that Putin is behind the crisis, and much more.


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