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19 Nov, 2021 23:11

Rittenhouse verdict puts courtroom media on trial (Full show)

Faran Fronczak anchors team coverage of the aftermath of the spectacular trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. After four days of deliberation, the jury found the Kenosha shooter not guilty on all charges. President Biden and Wisconsin Gov. gave statements speaking against division. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) gave public statements urging restraint by those angry at the verdict. It is believed that a preemptive law enforcement and national guard presence and very cold weather will preclude widespread protests by those opposed to the decision. An unprecedented social-media element makes the trial a case study in what a public trial has come to entail.

RT America's John Huddy reports from outside the courthouse, where media people outnumbered actual protesters during much of the proceedings. Then we hear insights from our power panel, viz. Pamella Seay of Florida Gulf Coast University, retired LAPD detective Timothy T Williams, Jr and "Eat the Press" host Steve Malzberg.

Plus, Russian diaspora group Russian Community Council of the USA has suspended its activities in the US after a year-long FBI investigation targeting 300 of its members. The group characterized the probe as "harassment" and the Russian embassy condemned the FBI's "gross violation of personal freedoms." Jeremy Kuzmarov of CovertAction Magazine shares his insights. He says that unfortunately "the US government needs an enemy" and that the governments of Russia and China are both demonized to try to heal domestic divisions in the electorate by unifying Americans against a perceived threat from abroad. Then RT America's Steve Christakos joins with news from the world of sports.