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19 Nov, 2021 07:09

The real China, child labor’s comeback, ATF’s public relations tour

Li Jingjing is a reporter with the Chinese news group CGTN. The United States has entered a new era of provocation targeting China as its most significant global competitor for power. Lee Camp and Jingjing sat down together to go deeper into the conflict that’s brewing between the US empire and the Chinese republic. They discuss the propaganda campaigns being pushed by the US State Department and the corporate media, such as the Uighur genocide tale, the brutal Hong Kong protests and their capitalist message, and more. Jingjing also lands some punches regarding the hypocrisy of the US claiming to stand for human rights while destroying lives around the world.

Naomi Karavani goes on her weekly offensive to expose corruption across the US. This week, she lays waste to corporate moves to bring back child labor across the US. Corporate America is using the current “labor shortage” to push for reduced labor protections for children instead of offering workers higher wages. Jaffer Khan reports on the ATF’s newest strategy for protecting law enforcement officers from the consequences of their actions. ATF agents have been touring the country, talking to journalists to push the idea that most cases of police brutality are justified.

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