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25 Jul, 2020 08:35

Max Blumenthal: UK’s Russia Report failed to come to the conclusion of hardcore Russiagaters (E908)

We speak to the Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal, author of ‘The Management of Savagery’, about the newly released Russia Report in the UK. He discusses the use of Christopher Steele as a key witness in the report, despite the fact he had been largely discredited in the US, the findings of the report and why it failed to come to the conclusion of Russiagaters regarding Brexit, Keir Starmer’s Labour’s attempts to get RT’s license revoked in the UK and his motivations behind wanting RT shut down, the less-publicised side of Keir Starmer’s history and how he has arguably been moulded by the national security state, the Espionage Act being used to prosecute Julian Assange and its ‘chilling effect on journalists’, the real backgrounds behind US-backed sources’ claims of persecution of Uighurs in Xinjiang by the Communist Party of China and more! Finally, we speak to Conservative Life Peer Lord Balfe MP. He discusses the findings of the Russia Report, including the accusation members of the House of Lords are unwittingly aiding Moscow’s growing power in London, the role of Russia in the Brexit referendum, the conclusion that MI5 and Boris Johnson didn’t search hard enough for Russian interference, growing hostility between the West and Russia and why he believes Russia needs to be welcomed back into the European club of nations, Jo Stevens’ and Keir Starmer’s attempts to get RT shut down in the UK and more!


The WUC has always been transparent about its funding. The NED is a private institution that supports more than 1000 projects from around 150 countries that promote human rights and democracy. The WUC is one of these, who receives funding for human rights projects and our human rights training programs for Uyghur youth around the world. 

The Grayzone has a clear agenda and has repeatedly echoed talking points from the Chinese government to deflect criticism of the Chinese government's genocidal policies against Uyghurs and others. As there is now a mountain of evidence on what the Chinese government is doing to the Uyghur people, the CCP has been trying to discredit, threaten, and silence those who dare to speak up. We urge your viewers to look at the witness testimonies, satellite imagery, leaked documents, and statements from the Chinese government itself, which clearly evidence what is happening to the Uyghur people. 

In the spirit of transparency and openness, we hope the Grayzone will disclose its sources of funding.


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