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6 Apr, 2020 05:46

UK’s coronavirus approach will end in oppression, even totalitarianism! – ex-president of UK Faculty of Public Health (E866)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to the former president of the UK Faculty of Public Health, John Ashton CBE, about the Boris Johnson administration’s coronavirus approach. He discusses the shortage of ventilators and PPE, accusing the government of failing to prepare for the Covid-19 pandemic despite warnings, the UK government’s alleged poor communication and slow response which he believes has led to a breakdown in trust between the government and the population, why Boris Johnson’s government will eventually turn to repression and totalitarianism to get in control of the coronavirus outbreak, Western countries and mainstream media blaming China for the outbreak, and more!

Next, we speak to Prof. Lewis Dartnell, author of ‘Origins: How the Earth Shaped Human History.’ He discusses how geology across millions of years has shaped the development of humans and their politics, from the rise of the civil rights movement and the geographic locations of Democrat supporters across America... to the rise of the UK Labour Party and the trade union movement.


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