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Irish elections: The rise of Sinn Fein, the fall of neoliberalism? (E843)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Ruairi O Murchu TD of Sinn Fein about the party's surge in the Irish elections, why they didn't field more candidates which could have seen them gain more seats, whether their pledge to keep corporate tax at the current rate means they are remaining within neoliberalism, whether an Irish border poll and subsequently a united Ireland is imminent, relations with the UK with such a large Sinn Fein presence in government, and more!

Next, we speak to Barry Andrews, Fianna Fail MEP for Dublin about their difficult position, faced with working with Sinn Fein which would cause mutiny in their party according to him, or working with Fine Gael again, whether austerity policies are the reason for Sinn Fein's rise, possible Irish reunification, and more!

Finally, we speak to Fine Gael Councillor Kieran Dennison about their election loss, why the party lost, whether Leo Varadkar is to blame for the defeat, whether their election loss is due to rising homelessness and austerity policies, Sinn Fein's ascendancy, and more!


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