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28 Jan, 2020 07:56

Augmented street art: WATCH Soviet murals and mosaics come to life in spectacular animation

Soviet images in Russia’s industrial city of Izhevsk, the home of Kalashnikov firearms, became the subject of a creative animator who used a bit of computer magic to make them come to life.

The unique work of art blends the signature style of official soviet street art, which was all about showing the working class at its best, with modern technology. The result is an amazing video that turns the city of Izhevsk into a fairy tale land where pictures on the walls have a life of their own.

The unusual project was made by animator Andrey Pershin, who has a knack for infusing life into static images. Building upon a smaller-scale idea he came up with a few years ago, it’s a tribute to the city where he spent several years as a student. “I compare all cities and nations with Izhevsk. If Russia is a movie, then Izhevsk is the best seat in the theater,” he said.

The city where the original murals and mosaics shown in the video can be found is located in the Urals and is a major center of heavy industry, particularly the production of arms. World-renowned firearms maker Kalashnikov is one of the defense manufacturers based there. With this background, it’s no wonder the city authorities wanted to send a positive message to local steelmakers, gunsmiths, and ballistic missile engineers.

The works chosen by Pershin, however, are more peaceful in nature, showing farmers, doctors, and painters. All of them were created between the 1960s and 80s.

If you’re wondering how the video was made, the artist posted a visual explanation here.

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