The J8 summit and how it differs from G8

Young people from across Russia are in Moscow as part of their preparations for taking part in the Junior Eight Summit.

This year’s J8 Summit that runs alongside the G8 meeting of international leaders is being held in Italy.

The participants have been getting a briefing from Presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich.

Six will be chosen to go to Abruzzo in early July.

They are due to take part in forums and workshops of topics including climate change and HIV problems.

Participants will then have the opportunity to present their ideas and proposals to the G8 leaders at their summit in the middle of the month.

“You're able to discuss a wide range of topics from everyday ones like passing exams to world problems like global epidemics, the financial crisis and international relations,” said Arkady Dvorkovich to the Russian participants of J8.

He also added “You have had a chance to meet up with Russia's leading experts on such issues and now I think you can be called experts yourselves.”